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The teaching-learning process has for several years been maintained under the Academic Committee of the college. With the introduction of IQAC system the college proactively in a meeting the Internal Quality Assurance Cell was formed as per the guidelines. The chief ask of IQAC is to develop a system for the quality performance of the institution.

For achieving efficient functioning of IQAC, coordinator of the IQAC interacts with various functionaries for the proper implementation of IQAC and intimate the principal from time to time. IQAC conducts meetings as per need and records the proceedings and makes suggestions. The IQAC of the college functions with a well define policy for the quality assurances which is ensured by the effective participation by all the stakeholders. The role of IQAC is pivotal in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the institution and its suggestions for quality enhancement measures have been proved to be successful. The IQAC has now been an indispensable and integral part of the administration of the college.

The quality checking activities are wide and varied but few are as follows:
  • 1.Monitoring of classes and reporting to the principal .
  • 2.Weekly verification of attendance registers and teacher’s progress register.
  • 3.Monitoring attendance of students and verification of attendance every two weeks.
  • 4.Verification of proctorial records and counselling details after every internal examination
  • 5.Verification of lab attendance
  • 6.Verification of final attendance before examination. Students having less than 75% attendance are informed to the respective proctors and HOD.
  • 7.Verification of marks entry in the mark register after every internal examination.
  • 8.Verification of Notice board time to time so as to check whether the current circulars have been displayed or not and the old circulars have been removed or not.
  • 9. Verification of Department stock register 10. Realignment of Timetable and workload calculation in the beginning of every semester
  • 11. Library audit every year.
  • 12. Financial audit every year.

IQAC is the central body within the College that monitors and reviews the teaching-learning process regularly. It has designed a structured feedback form on teacher’s performance, curriculum and infrastructure. The monitoring and evaluation are done by the IQAC using its review system for its teaching-learning process, structures and methodologies of operations and learning outcomes at periodic intervals through its various Staff Council committees like the Academic Committee, Examination Committee, Career Counseling Cell, etc. Students’ Internal assessment and attendance are monitored and evaluated. The academic committee has been making reviews of the results and the plans for the academic growth of the college. According to the feedback analysis the IQAC has suggested some quality initiatives for improving the teaching-learning process for instance:

  • ● Conducting seminars, workshops, debates, Group Discussion etc.
  • ● Extra classes for weaker students
  • ● Arranging field tours and study tours
  • ● Feedback and Documentation in higher education were conducted for some days in 2019.
  • ● E-resources e.g. PDF, PowerPoint presentation for various courses are regularly shared with students.
  • ● Feedback from students, alumni and parents have formally been taken and the data analyzed.
  • ● Provision of submitting feedback on the college website.


The Governing Body, Academic Council and Finance Committee are formed as per the guidelines of Sambalpur University and the Department of Higher Education Orissa. These bodies also support the development through planning and execution, budget, review of performance and policy making.The Principal guides the College in academic progress, admission, staff recruitment and administrative matters. He is the Chairman of the Staff Council, IQAC, Anti-ragging Cell, Disciplinary and the Library Advisory Committee. The Academic Bursar and the IQAC help the Principal in the overall administration which involves the planning of the academic calendar and its systematic implementation. The Examination Committee makes planning to conduct University Semester Examinations smoothly and plans and monitors internal examinations and the evaluation process. The staff council and faculty members have to play an important role in executing the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes. The Academic Bursar is responsible for the preparation of college time table, work allocation among teachers, review of Teacher’s progress register, and submission of various reports to the Principal and IQAC. In the proctorial system the lecturers are assigned to ensure personal care, attention, guidance, counseling,evaluation and assessment of each student assigned to them. The recruitment procedure, promotional policies and service rules are as per the rules of the Department of Higher Education Orissa. The College has an active Grievances and Redressal cell for teaching faculty, administrative staff and the students. The faculty members express their constraints regarding teaching-learning and other matters of concern. Staff Association of the college also provides a platform to discuss the grievances.Redress for Student Grievances:The Grievance Redressal, Anti-ragging Cell, Anti-sexual Harassment Cell and the student Welfare Committee work for the well-being of students. Information about the functioning of the Cell is given on the Orientation Day and during special occasions. Suggestion boxes are always there in various places within the campus. The complaints/ suggestions are collected from the box and analyzed by the grievance committee periodically and the necessary actions are taken. In addition, the student grievances are also addressed at the department level by respective teachers and HoDs. If not solved the issue is placed before the proper forum. Representatives of the students' union meet the Principal to communicate and share their opinion, views and grievances. The principal and the staff are always there to listen to any issue of the students.



The principal is the head of the institution and is responsible for overall administration and academic function of the institution in keeping with policies of the Governing Body as well as mandatory regulations and stipulations of the parent University and the Department of Higher Education Orissa. He is responsible for the following quality specific activities,

Head of the Departments (HODs) They are responsible for effective and systematic working of their departments.


Rules, policies, appointment, service rules and procedures are as per the Department of Higher Education Orissa and state government of Odisha.

NAAC Coordinator
Lect. In Zoology

Manoj Kumar Patel
IQAC Coordinator and
Deputy Coordinator of NAAC
Lect. In Physic